Worldwide Production

The Netherlands, China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Portugal

JOLO Fashion Group offers production facilities and support via offices and partners in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Portugal. We devise an individual sourcing strategy for each of our brands and clients to suit their specific needs.

Our exclusive partner in China

Jolo in Hangzhou & Donguan China

In Hangzhou and Donguan China, HZX Fahion Works, our long term business  partner, works exclusively for the JOLO Fashion Group. The offices have over 35 dedicated merchandisers, who coordinate the production for over 30 production partners. In Hangzhou we also have a sampling room and a warehouse, enabling us to perform extra in-house quality tests and to coordinate all shipments.

Fast and smooth process

Operating from China yields substantial benefits: high-quality products at competitive prices, as well as a fast and smooth process.


We know where to source any fabric, at competitive prices.


We work with European/international fit mannequins.


We can move from sourcing to grading to production in a matter of weeks.


We offer in-house sampling, for complicated styles or to speed up the process.


We inspect to ensure a good fit, quality and we perform wash tests.


We identify issues and resolve them before shipment.

Fast delivery

We ship full container loads, which saves time.

India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Portugal

We have warm relationships with our production partners in India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal. An added benefit of our operations in Turkey and Portugal is that you can order a 100% EU-made product with us. From these countries we can also offer great speed, ensuring fast fashion and flexibility in both the collection and the process.

“Integrity and trust are key principles”

Our manager at the Hangzhou office: “Integrity and trust are key principles in the way we operate. Jolo aims to make a healthy profit, but we also want each factory to profit, and we want its workers to earn a fair wage. We accomplish this by working hard to establish long-term relationships with our production partners and our clients in each country.”