Investments in doing good

Jolo Fashion Group is evolving constantly. Adding new ventures, launching new initiatives to make our production more sustainable. Here are some of the projects we are investing in now.


Con-Sense foundation

Jolo Fashion Group and family members believe that a family and a loving home is one of the primary needs of a child. Unfortunately, not every child lives under such circumstances. Therefore, the company founded in 2009 the Con-Sense Foundation. This foundation financially supports non-profit organizations that helps children and families to overcome obstacles caused by poverty.

As a result, Jolo Fashion Group and family members funded, by their Con-Sense foundation, multiple projects of SOS Children’s Villages, which is an organization that provides help for vulnerable children in 135 countries and regions. One of these projects is the program carried out in 2017 that helps Syrian children by giving them a better place to live after wartime. Additionally, the Con-Sense foundation also financially supported the 2018 Family strengthening program in Gulu, Uganda.  This program intervenes when families are unable to provide a stable and safe home for their children and are at risk of breaking down. To prevent the separation of children from their families, SOS Children’s Villages support and empower these families so they achieve self-reliance in caring for and protecting their children.

By funding such projects, Jolo Fashion Group and family members hope to give something good back to the society. After all, they believe, the best thing a child can wear is a smile.

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Clean-dyed garment


Together with 1 investor and in cooperation with the Dutch DGGF, we opened up the first CleanDye House, in Ho Chi Minh Provence, Vietnam, in April 2019.
Patrick Lohle was already early investor in DyeCoo, a Dutch technological company who invented the revolutionary Dye Ox technology which can dye fabrics without water and process chemicals by using high pressure Co2.

As the apparel industry takes steps towards Sustainability, one step remains largely overlooked, the Dyeing process. Every year the apparel industry discharges about 5 trillion liters of heavily polluted waste water into rivers and lakes. Until now. The revolutionary factory from CleanDye has the dream to bring water and chemical free, so clean dyed garments to a broad consumer group. The CleanDye organization with hubs as well in Hong Kong and Amsterdam will in cooperation with his clients also take care of the design and production of the fabrics used for tailor made sustainable product lines.

With CleanDye we are combining our long established production infrastructure with a state of the art Dye House in Vietnam. CleanDye is set to become the industry standard in sustainable dyed textiles.

We welcome you on board !

Video afspelen
Video afspelen

The tremendous impact of our DyeCoo machinery


DyeCoo uses no water

Liters / Kg fabric

(Now: 60-150 ltrs)


DyeCoo is incredibly fast


(Now: 48-72 hrs)


No process chemicals


(So no wastewater)


No loss of dye in washings


(Now: 30%-50% loss)


DyeCoo uses half the energy


(Reduce CO2 + cost)


DyeCoo reduces cost


(Per kilo of fabric)