Children's fashion specialists since 1976

Jolo Fashion Group

Jolo Fashion Group designs and produces over 2 million pieces of children’s clothing a year. We manufacture for our own fashion brands and also develop private label collections for large retailers. Additionally we provide support services for other fashion brands, sharing over four decades of experience in children’s fashion.

Brand Works

Fashion brands for children of all ages

Our kids’ fashion brands form the basis of our enterprise. Each brand has its own style and image. We sell in over 20 countries.


Fashion Support Services

We have a considerable amount of experience and an extensive network of facilities, which we offer as services to other kids’ fashion brands.

Retail Works

Private label for large retailers

Jolo Fashion Group develops private label collections for large department stores and online retailers.

What are we proud of

Fair & Sustainable


We believe in creating a fair and transparent supply chain by working in close cooperation with our manufacturing partners.


In our production we strive to enlarge the shares of organic cotton and recycled polyester within our collections.

Clean Dyeing

We invested in DyeCoo, a company that build a machine with a  revolutionary dyeing technique that brings water use down to zero. Together with partners we’ve set up CleanDye ; a state of the art clean dyeing house in Vietnam